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YOUR ADVERT: Information you provide about your accommodation will be held and used by and its owner Telecom Domains Ltd solely to set up an advertisement for you and will not be passed on to any other third party. Such information including your contact details will not be provided to any third party for the purposes of providing email lists or to be used to sell third party services.  Such information includes all details of any type of accommodation as well as any pictures supplied. We will use all reasonable care to ensure the information posted on the advertisement is accurate, but Telecom Domains Ltd accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions that may occur due to the provision of inaccurate information by the advertiser and will not be responsible for any loss arising, however caused through the setting up and use of the advertisement on the website. We strongly recommend that customers check their advertisements as soon as they become live and from time to time, to ensure details are correct an up to date. An email will be sent to you once your advertisement goes live. All amendments you may require should be emailed to; such amendments are free throughout the term of the advertisement.
PAYMENT, TERMINATION & REFUNDS: The payment for your advertisement must be received before the advertisement can go “live” on the website. We will collect such payment by credit or debit card renewals will be processed by Direct Debit. Note this sensitive information will be held securely by our merchant/bank for renewal of your advertisement annually. (All annual renewals are processed 14 days prior to expiry.) In view of the technical and set up costs at the commencement of the process to create your advertisement, we do not give any refund in whole or in part, once the advertisement payment has been processed. The advertisement will go live within 48 hours from when the payment is taken.
Your advertisement will automatically be renewed annually if you require the renewal not to be processed you will need to contact Accommodation in Ilfracombe 30 days before renewal via email giving notice on your agreement. (You will receive confirmation of your cancellation via email within 5-7 working days. This is acknowledgment of your email and cancellation). Once your renewal has been processed we cannot offer a refund in whole or part at any time. In the event your annual renewal for your advertisement fails we will contact yourself for an alternative method of payment. If we do not receive an alternative method of payment within 14 days your advertisement will be suspended until the account is cleared. Your annual renewal fee can be subject to change in the event the annual fee were to change we would notify yourself 60 days before renewal.
TERMS OF USE: The advertisements held on the website are normally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year for potential customers of your accommodation. However, Telecom Domains Ltd will not be liable in the event that the website becomes unavailable, whether this is because of technical difficulties, such as breakdown of Servers or power loss.
The information given in the advertisement on the website is provided to potential customers in good faith, but no liability will be accepted for any loss that may occur either to you, the advertiser or your customer through the use of the website.  Any contract you have with your customer for the hire or otherwise of your accommodation will be entirely separate to the introduction that may be attributed to the use of the website. Telecom Domains Ltd will not be party to such contracts and not accept any liability occurring through use of, or expected use of your accommodation. Telecom Domains Ltd does not take any introductory fee for a successful hire, or use for your accommodation, other than an annual advertisement fee. maintains details of the number of times an Advertisers advertisement is accessed as well as the number of potential customers who may have “clicked” over to see your own website. Such information is retained purely to check the amount of interest in your accommodation and is only divulged to a given advertiser about their own accommodation on request.

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